Pearl of Persia

We help transform broken lives into amazing Pearls.

Sex and Modern Day Slavery in Iran

Advice to deal with sexual problems and answers to questions regarding relationships.

Love Is Misunderstood

For those who feel that their feelings have been misused.

Is a Woman Only Worth Half a Man?

Helping people understand worth and true character.

Unheard Voices Awaiting Verdict

For those who are a victim in their environment.

The Land of Addiction

Helping people who struggle with alcohol, drugs, and gambling addictions.

No One Is Born to Be Abused

Helping victims of violence to put an end to their abuse.

Protecting Children, Protecting Tomorrow

For those worried about child abuse or in need of advice to help raise their children.

Restoring Society’s Health

Providing practical answers for depression, stress, anxiety, and HIV/AIDS.

A Message of Hope

Brightening the minds of those who seek support and encouragement.

Welcome to Pearl of Persia

Pearl is about bringing healing, deliverance, restoration and transformation into broken lives in Iran. In other words revealing God’s heart by showing His unconditional love to those suffering in areas such as prostitution, abuse, domestic violence, addiction and offering guidance towards restoration.


We are so glad that you are visiting the English version of our website, which we hope will provide you with the information you are seeking about Pearl of Persia.


On the Farsi version of this site we offer a variety of perspectives and teachings on the various issues raised, based on the Word of God, the Bible. In doing so we aim to point the way to the readers’ deliverance by encouraging and empowering them to take action and finally, pointing them to the living God who alone can make them whole again.


Please bear in mind as you browse, that since the English version of this site is focused on raising awareness for the issues concerned, it is not a direct translation of the Farsi version. As Pearl’s mission is to help those from a Farsi-speaking background, the articles and additional content created to help those suffering from these issues, are in their primary language, Farsi.


If you have any questions please do get in touch with us through our Contact Us section. We would love to hear from you!


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